A deep safe clean of all interior surfaces, giving it a fresh car feel.

  • All litter and debris removed, belongings organised

  • A vacuum of interior and boat area

  • Carpets & mats shampooed and wet vacuumed

  • Leather seats deep cleaned and protected with conditioner

  • Fabric seats deep cleaned 

  • Hard surfaces steam cleaned to remove bacteria and grime

  • Headliner cleaned

  • Full interior steam cleaned

  • Glass cleaned inside

  • Piano black trim polished where necessary

  • Odor Elimination with ozone machine for 2 hours

      Small car           £80 

      Medium cars     £120
      Large cars         £150
      XXL cars            £180

* Approximate time full day

* Prices may vary depending on condition of the vehicle, e.g dog hairs, heavily soiled and badly scratched trim
Interior Protection With Ceramic coating from £100 

Interior Detailing

Audi RS4 Interior
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