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Nano ceramic coating forms a layer of smooth, hard nano-scale coating, protecting against environmental conditions, chemicals, stone-chips and minor scratches. Ultra-high gloss finish ensures your vehicle has an attractive look.
-Up to 1 year protection price starting from £50
-Up to 3 years protection price starting from £100
-Up to 5 years protection price starting from £250

Ceramic Wheel Coating

£50.00 Wheel Faces

£150.00 Wheels Off (Incl. Callipers)
(Protection up to 3 years)

Nano Ceramic Cating - GLASS

  • Durability: 2 years / 80000 wipes / 45000 km

  • Temperature durability: 275°C

  • Chemical resistance: 13>pH>1

  • Coat thickness: 75-100 nm

  • Water Repellent 

  • Oil Repellent 

From £50

Pricing factors: 

Vehicle condition - new / used

Size - small / large

Colour - light / dark
The complexity of the body shape

Special customer requests