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Wash and dry £15
*Up to 30min

Mini valet

  • ​Wheel faces/barrels + arches cleaned with various brushes, woolies + mitts.


  • Citrus prewash


  • PH neutral snow foam and thorough rinse to remove surface dirt before contact washing.


  • Safe contact wash with 3 bucket method.


  • Plush towel dried followed by filtered air blow dry to flush out any water from panel gaps.


  • Tyres dressed to preference.


  • Windows cleaned inside + out.


  • Interior vacuumed and tidied.


  • All interior surfaces cleaned+ dressed.

Small cars £30

Medium cars £40

Large cars £50
       XXL cars £70
*60-90 mins
Full valet

* Everything from the mini valet included plus:

  • All interior surfaces, dash and consoles deep cleaned


  • Carpets and Mats wet vacuumed (car will be dried before you will pick up)


  • Exhaust tips cleaned.

  • Body wax applied

  • Engine bay steam cleaned

From £70
*Approximate time 5-8 hours